Transitioning to my Full Routine


Transitioning for me was a struggle. The roots of my hair were growing beautiful healthy coils but, my ends were straight and brittle. It was a mess, trying to care for my two-textured hair.  I hated the length of my hair and I was ashamed to wear it out. While transitioning, I would just throw my hair into a well moisturized bun. Eventually, when I was content with the length of my hair, I cut off the rest of my straight ends. The struggle now would be figuring out how to style my fully natural hair. For a while I couldn’t get my hair to look the way I wanted so, I would still put it in a bun. However, I forced myself to get over it. I decided to wear my hair full-out.

How I learned

I watched so many YouTube videos and I realized how many natural girls there are in the world. I learned so much about my hair and different styles that I could put my hair in. I learned that I need to have a hair routine, to keep my hair healthy.  There are so many options when It comes to curly hair products, it was hard knowing what products to get. I started trying products that I saw people on YouTube reviewing and recommending. I saw many people recommending a product named Cantu Shea Butter. Which happens to be my all-time favorite product now.


The products that I used.

My routine

My hair routine is very simple. I’m a college student, who is always running late. So, my hair routine must be quick and easy. Since I have so many products, I try to switch between all of them.

First, I wash my hair once a week. One week I shampoo and the next week I co-wash. Basically, I alternate each week with a shampoo and a co-wash. Co-washing means, washing my hair with a conditioner instead of a shampoo. I also deep condition my hair twice a week because, its dry. My quick and easy style is called a “Wash and go”. Every day I start out with wet hair. I section my hair into four sections and, begin by applying a leave in conditioner. Today, I’m using “Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioning Cream”.  I follow-up with a moisturizer “Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream”, which really defines my curls. After my hair is thoroughly coated in the products I wrap my hair in a microfiber towel, to soak up the excess products. After about 15 minutes I apply an oil to my hair such as, coconut, argon or olive oil. I let my hair air dry the rest of the day. I’m happy that I decided to transition because, I’m in love with my hair now. I love seeing It grow over the years and how it’s changed.


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