Reviewing CurlyNikki

Welcome back to Happy Healthy Curly! Today, I am going to introduce to you a fellow natural hair blogger. When learning how to take care of natural hair you have to find somebody who can teach you how to take care of it. I watched so many YouTube videos and read so many blogs about natural hair. A lot of people talk about the same things, tips on how to take care of your hair and how to style it. But, CurlyNikki goes into further depth. She explained what hair is, and what it’s made up of and the different textures there are.


CurlyNikki Website

CurlyNikki is made up of different people writing for her blog. But, they’re all helpful blogs that go into extreme detail about what hair is. Such as the cuticle which is the outer layer of the hair. Which is made up of individual scales that lay against each other. She also explained to me something I didn’t know existed a thing called The Cortex, the middle layer of the hair. It determines the color of the hair and changes that go on throughout our lifetime. Straightening and dying our hair affects the cortex.

The blog goes into the science of the hair. There is a pH scale when it comes to our hair, that helps determine how much frizz our hair has. It helps us to know what products to use and what products don’t help us. I like this blog because CurlyNikki really teaches me something new about my hair. CurlyNikki taught me about hair porosity. Hair porosity is how good or bad hair absorbs moisture. I learned I have High Porosity hair. “Hair that has an open cuticle that both absorbs and releases moisture easily.”


The pH scale to natural hair. From CurlyNikki

CurlyNikki is unique because she even goes into homemade remedies. She taught me about saving money. Instead of buying products all the time you can create your own products with the things you have in your kitchen. Such as an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse that clarifies the hair. A honey hair conditioner, that restores moisture to the hair. A hot Olive Oil treatment is the easiest and healthiest ingredient to use. Especially for hair that is extremely dry and brittle. Even a protein treatment, using 1 beaten egg, mayonnaise, and olive oil. CurlyNikki has some unique things about her that taught me so many things about taking care of my hair.



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