How to Maintain Healthy Hair

Welcome back to Happy Healthy Curly. With all hair types, you must have a hair routine. Especially, with natural hair. A good routine will keep your hair moisturized, smooth and healthy which is the main goal.  Since I have been natural I haven’t taken the best care of my hair. I failed to follow a good routine and found a set of steps to follow. When I graduated high school, I started to take care of my hair. I developed a routine. I also learned many ways to keep my hair healthy through this Texas heat. I’ve learned how to keep the frizz as low as possible. Below I will list all the ways that I maintain healthy hair.

Hair maintenance tips:

1. Wash & condition hair regularly. Do not skip wash days, product build up prevents hair from growingmaintenance 2

2. Moisture, comes with water not just products alone. Water is a natural moisturizer so make sure to incorporate it. Water is your best friend. Drink lots of it

3. If you have frizzy hair. It can be tamed with rinsing hair with cool/cold water after washing. Also do not use towel on your hair. Instead, use a t-shirt or a microfiber towel. Coconut oil also works wonders for my hair. It lays down fly away hairs and makes it smell like coconuts!

4. Trimming. Trim your hair every 3 to 4 months. That will prevent dame and will keep your hair healthy and strong.

5. Use hair butters. Moisturizers do well, but sometimes your hair need a little extra moisture

6. Vitamins help keep your hair healthy and strongmaintenance

7. Make sure you deep condition often, if you have a good routine this part comes easy.

8. Sleep with a satin scarf. Or sleep with a satin pillow case. To protect your hair at night and to prevent it from getting dry. Cotton pillowcases suck the moisture out of your hair. Moisturize before you go to sleep

9. Do not over manipulate hair. Do not over comb or brush it either. Brushing to much can actually rip and tear your hair. Styles that require daily touching and combing, put too much stress on your curls.

10. Eat well. What you put into your body reflect it in your hair. To keep you and your hair healthy eat well, drink water, and stay moisturized.


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