My Experience Blogging

Welcome back to Happy Healthy Curly! I started this blog in the beginning of the semester with high hopes of enjoying it. I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos and I thought it would be easy to write about something I do everyday. My hair is easy to maintain and easy to put into any style. However, I found it troubling figuring out what to write about. I didn’t want to be repetitive. But, my hair routine is repetitive.

I did like the fact that I could customize my page exactly like I want it. It also shows my personality without reading what I have to say. I did like the face that I could experience writing on a regular basis. It’s not what I expected. If I was able to find more styles to do on my hair and also, take more time to do the styles I  would have enjoyed it. If I would have chosen something with a broader topic and of higher interest, it would have been better. I did not like promoting myself on twitter but, it’s necessary if I want readers. I felt that I couldn’t be creative enough to get people to read Happy Healthy Curly. I don’t think that there was any tool on WordPress that was not effective. Everything was easy to use and maintain. There also was not anything that I didn’t find of great use during this project.

If would have included more of my personality into my page and into my writing. But, I started to get tired of the topic I was writing about. I would like to include more of my DIY recipes and deep conditioners. I would also like to add more videos of my hair routine but, that take more time.

This experience could benefit me in the future by showing I can be a consistent writer on a specific topic. I think this project can also help with showing my skills in writing. Also, it can show that I can promote a page on twitter with specific hashtags and words. With a job I can explain to them how I have created my own WordPress page and consistently wrote on a topic of interest to people and myself. I also can explain that I know how to organize a page to look nice and place widgets and links. These are all things I did not know before this class.

My most popular week was March 6,2017-March 12, 2017. I was actually surprised that I had 7 people read my blog. My most popular post was my Twist-Out Routine with 4 views. I thought it was the most popular because every body wants to have a good twist-out. Plus, its hard to find a good routine for your own hair. Out of all the Site Stats data nothing was surprising to me except having 7 views. I also do not have any other social media stats to share. Capture


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